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Welcome to Global Alliance Matrimony

Global Alliance Matrimony is a new player committed to deliver in this competitive online world. When innovation and idea blended together on a very powerful platform; produces an overwhelming and unexpected result. This is a service based industry and good service touches the hearts of thousands or millions, creating a huge customer base around the world. Personalized services through Managers and councilors provides sustainable impact on the customer and his mindset.

Lots of bigger and established players are already sitting in this place capturing huge market share, but there is plenty of space for the newbies in this 1.25 billion of population. This industry has expanded and groomed itself globally, with the advancement of IT industry. Earlier, in the cabinet and filing era, it was not possible to expand and exploit yourself globally, in such an easy way. Its influence is global now with the approach and accessibility of internet with smartphones, on your fingertip.

Global Alliance Matrimony has created some principles and adopted some guidelines to create a niche and capturing your own piece of pie in the market. These service based industry has maximum potential in terms of no of customers in this huge populous country like India. Above that, every man and woman needs some life partner, that can be searched or chosen personally with the help of family and friends or with the help of Matrimony Services available in the market.

Involvement of counselors

  • The rich experience of global alliance marriage counselors available at all the branches, for coordinating and providing support to the available members. They work in close proximity till successful finalization of the alliance.
  • Dedicated “Select Service Advisor”, provides you select set of step by step process to find you a suitable match. That involves:
  • Our group of team expertise sit and study your requirements mentioned, and shortlist the best options for you.
  • Our team takes the feedback and apply this to enhance your profile creation.
  • Here we match your profile with the most suitable match from the shortlisted database.
  • Our “Select Service Advisor” connects with the prospects you are interested in, and takes feedback from the available sources.
  • After getting positive go ahead from both the parties, the “Select Service Advisor” team schedule a meeting for the final face to face conversation with mutual consent for location .
  • If both the parties mutually agreed upon everything, they can discuss the rest of the formalities of the marriage.